Gel Pads, Extra Soft Gap Fillers

With a durometer of =5, our Tek-Sil® GP gel pads fill all voids. Gel pads, which are made of unreinforced silicone rubber, are quite thermally conductive (1.5W/m-k). They are so soft and tacky that no PSA is required. To ease handling problems, the sheets have release liner on both sides. "GP" is made in 9 thicknesses ranging from .020" to .197" (0.50- 5.0mm). All thicknesses are supplied in sheets 11.8" x 7.9" (300 x 200mm).

As with all other Tek-Sil® materials, Teknational will die cut special shapes to customer specifications.
To order sheets of "GP", specify the thickness
(Part Number GP-40 for a sheet .04" (1.0mm) thick).

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