Teknational offers both Tek-Sil® SCT and SCH materials extruded in tubular form as tubes and molded as five sided rectangular covers to completely encapsulate electronic devices. Easy to assemble, the tubes and covers slip over IC's to fully protect them from shock or damage during assembly and prevent arcing. Assembly labor is reduced when several tubes are secured with a bar against an aluminum housing used as a heat sink.

The dielectric qualities of Tek-Sil® SCT and SCH isolate the devices while conducting heat to a heat sink. Both materials are UL rated 94V0. These products are often used for mounting TO-3P and TO-220 style devices.

Tek-Sil® Tubes are available in three thicknesses and three inner diameters. They are stocked in several lengths which are standard for TO-220's, TO-3P's and TO-3PL's. Tubes are also available cut into other lengths not shown. Some other diameters may be available for special order.

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