Available in 14 lengths (1/4" - 1 3/8") with 1/16" incremental spacing, these standoffs are economical supports for PCB's. Molded in 94-V2 nylon, 4-40 and 6-32 threads are stocked. These are also available on a special order basis with 8-32 and 10-32 threads, or molded in 94-V0 nylon.

The part number for each standoff consists of the PN for the thread size and the type of standoff followed by "XXX" for the length. PN 6 MF-375 is a male/female standoff with a 6-32 thread and a 3/8" body length. Parts starting with 4H, 6H, 8H, and 10H are female standoffs, while MF indicates a male/female standoff.

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