Series 5000

• Customized lengths up to 1".
• 15 ID/OD combinations available.
• Made from extruded nylon 6/6.
• Inexpensive even in small quantities.

The 5000 Series tubular LED mounts inexpensively solves challenging mounting problems. Each ID/OD has its own letter or style designation. (ID/OD of .028"/.085" is "F") The complete part number is 5+"XXX" for the height+the ID/OD style letter. A mount .200" long with an ID/OD of .028"/.085" will have a part number of 5200-F. Mounts may be ordered in lengths from .030" up to 1.000" in .010 increments. Tolerances are +/-.005" for lengths up to .500", +/-.008" for lengths .505" to .750" and +/-.015" for lengths .755" to 1.000"

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